Yes, this is an option . . .

Yes, this is an option . . .


What is Corkscrew?

A neighborhood wine bar serving a rotating selection of wine, beer, food and live jazz. Tracee Danyluk built and opened the bar in 2010 with reclaimed materials (our walls were previously a barn in Washington!) She sold the business to longtime employee Lauren Smith in 2015. The bar is run by a thoughtful and strong staff of women and we look forward to having you!

I’ve never been and/or I don’t know much about wine.

That’s our favorite! We are a casual, order at the bar kinda place, but if you want to cozy up to a table and get settled first by all means. We love helping you pick wine, it’s our job!

Do you only serve wine?

We have a variety of beer and cider on tap and in bottle. Lots of Non-Alcoholic options too!

Do you take reservations?

We are a small space and operate on a first come first served basis. Medium sized book club or Moms night out? e-mail us :)

Is there a cover for music?

Never. Tips for musicians are always appreciated!

Are kids allowed?

No. We are 21 and over only.

*If you are renting out the entire space we can apply for a minor allowance.

How do I contact you?

We do not have a phone at the bar. Please e-mail (info@corkscrewpdx.com) or visit. We are open daily.